I’ve seen a lot of custom cars in my day. But so far 2016 has been an incredible year for customized cars with also its of work that I’ve never seen it done before on vehicles. Take for example this awesome body that I saw driving on my trip to Toronto. It looks pretty awesome with the tinting that got done on this vehicle apparently from a newer window tints hamilton shop that is offering these types of car Glass and vehicle wrap customizations.

Audi with Windows Tinted

Audi with windows tinted(image: car tints on Audi)

You got to admit these look pretty awesome parked out front on this sunny day. I’ve had some posters of a red Ferrari in my room for a long time. But I think that that might change with what Audi is doing with their upcoming lineup of vehicles in 2017 and beyond. It should be an exciting next five years for the whole automobile industry and I definitely look forward to checking out some more car shows. So in summary, To make your car look awesome, you’re going to need to buy a Audi vehicle! Hahaha. This video of the Canadian Toronto international car show is pretty awesome I figured I just added in here since I’ve mentioned car shows. I’ve gone the last five years and I might need to stop going since my bank account can’t accommodate the temptations of what they show every year there. I guess it’ll be motivation for the future when I am making more money so I can purchase some of these vehicles. Unfortunately the life of a photographer in an era when everyone has a camera that is high-quality, with their phone, it’s getting a little tougher to earn high payouts.

It’s no secret, This post is really just a post about how much I love the Audi car manufacturer. It all started when I saw a post on Instagram not too long ago. I don’t know if everyone will laugh but I thought this was hilarious!

Audi Car Fan Club

And the last thing you should do to make your vehicle look awesome is the universally charged appeal of a vehicle shooting out flames like some sort of crazy Dragon. Yes vehicles that have fire coming out of them as they speed away is potentially the most awesome thing that anybody can do to customize their car. All the way back to those videogames in the 1990s, I’m talking the entire speed series, have influenced a generation of people that feel that they need flames coming out of their car and I think that it is awesome. Now it’s not quite as cool during the day you can’t really the flames shooting at the back of the vehicle. Also there are some awesome customizations that can be done where the flames that shootout end up being a different color making it seem like some sort of alien space car that is blasting through our streets in the middle of the night. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this awesome photograph I got other vehicle traveling at high speeds with the exhaust shooting at flames in the other vehicle traveling at high speeds with the exhaust shooting at flames in the night. Try to tell me this isn’t an awesome picture.

Exhaust Fire looking like an angry car

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